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Thanks to our long experience in the processing of metal and our love for it, we can offer to you unique metallic objects, utilitarian or decorative, in modern or traditional style, for your workplace, your house or your garden.

We study new methods and styles in iron processing, combining them with our know-how. We want each construction to have uniqueness as each human being is unique.

Apart from the works that you will find in this website, we can create metallic constructions tailored to your taste. We remain at your disposal to recommend ideas, exchange opinions and help you find what you want.

Contact us in order for you to choose or to design together with us the works that express yourself. You may visit us at our exhibition after communicating with us.

Ball and Triangles (Μπίλια και Τρίγωνα) - Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα) Ball and Metallic Synthesis (Μπίλια και Μεταλλική Σύνθεση) - Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα) Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα) Modern Candlestick (Μοντέρνο Κηροπήγιο) - Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα) Table Candlestick (Επιτραπέζιο Κηροπήγιο) - Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα) Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα) Tripod (Τρίποδο) - Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα) Living Room Table (Τραπέζι Σαλονιού) - Iron Works (Σιδήρου Έργα)
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Important development of the human race followed the discovery of iron as its uses were many in both times of peace and war and its inventive craftsmen, through constant efforts, broadened the knowledge base of its processing.

In Greek mythology, one of the twelve gods of Olympus was Hephaestus, the god of fire and metallurgy. His workshop was the place where much of the magnificent equipment of the other gods was created.

The blacksmith nowadays, like in ancient times, transforms the material and brings into light the beauty that is hidden inside it.